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About My Writing and Speaking



I'm honored to have you peek into my corner of the world. I'm a Christian first and foremost, but also a mom, nana, writer and former teacher and speaker. No longer working, I love having the option to write whenever I have the time and energy.


My hubby Bill and I moved from our home to an apartment in 2022, and we love it here. I write whenever I have the time and energy, and I love visits from my sons, their wives and our five grandchildren, although as the grandkids have flown the nest I rarely see them except at holidays. We also have a daughter waiting in heaven.


I've authored Sisterhood of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories about Women Who Made a Difference. Along with Janine Boyer and Kim Messinger I coauthored Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides. I've also written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles on subjects ranging from spirituality to the beauty of her hometown, Millersburg, PA.

For many years I spoke as a member of Friends of the Heart and loved presenting lengthy portions of scripture, such as the book of Ruth, from memory. My speaking partners, Kim and Janine, continue to share God's love through skits, messages and songs. I continue to keep scripture fresh by running it through my mind as I drop off to sleep.

Janine, Kim and I began meeting as a small group to discuss Christian books in 1998, after these two women, young enough to be my daughters, asked me to mentor them. That mentoring turned into ministry. I continue to write daily through-the-Bible posts on Friends of the Heart Facebook page, and Kim and Janine continue to speak at women's retreats and other events throughout the East. We also continue to meet weekly for study and prayer.

I was blessed to be named the 2007 Alumnus of the Year by Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown. My publication credits include Angels on Earth, Country Journal and Living With Teenagers. I am a CLASSeminar graduate, a former Stonecroft Ministries speaker and a member of The Authors Guild.