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Speakers for Women

Through skits, messages and songs by Kim, Friends of the Heart challenges women to build their faith and share it with others. Janine, a twin who experienced the death of her mother at a young age, encourages women to accept God's unconditional love. Shirley is no longer active with the group but continues to contribute through daily Facebook postings. The three have written Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides so that women may continue to be inspired after they return from mountaintop retreat experiences.


What people are saying:

"I was invited to experience Friends of the Heart at another church last year and without hesitation asked them to present “At Any Age, At Any Stage: Celebrating the Christian Life” at to our women’s conference this year. The conference attendees have provided nothing but positive feedback, and they appreciated the variety of venues in which the message was shared. These particular sessions also provided the opportunity for women to discuss topics that are relevant to Christian women today. Kim, Shirley, and Janine are genuine, witty, and interact effectively with women from all walks of life. The love they have for God and each other is evident. As a result, this was the best women’s conference we have ever held at our church. I plan on passing their information along to other women’s groups in my area." Kim Garosi, Women’s Ministry Organizer, Palmyra, PA

"I attended a retreat last year with a good friend of mine who goes to another church. The theme was “Serving: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love.” I have been on many retreats, and I have to say it was probably the very best one I had ever been on. It is lovely to see the love and friendship between the three of you. You each lend something wonderful to your ministry. I loved the skits, music, testimonials and especially was moved by (Shirley's) reciting of Philippians on Sunday morning. What a special time that retreat was." Sharleen Nickson, retreat participant

"Our church had the pleasure of having "Friends of the Heart" come to speak for our women's retreat. What a blessing! Their different personalities each contribute to a wonderful blend of transparency, inspiration and challenge to walk with God. Their talks were grounded in scripture, yet well balanced with personal examples and illustrations. Our ladies left encouraged and exhorted. Shirley's presentation of the book of Philippians from memory is not to be missed. We really appreciated their ministry to the women!" Bonnie Solberg, director of women's ministry at Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church, Wethersfield, Connecticut

"These three ladies are the real deal! Each one of them has a story of grace to tell. Each one of them has struggled with the heartaches of a life well lived. Do they tell you how to live your life? No, they simply tell you how God has encouraged them to live a victorious, overcoming life of purpose. I don't know any soul-searching woman who wouldn’t benefit from time spent with these three women. I took my eighteen-year-old daughter with me and she had a wonderful time. The ages of the women there were as varied as the lives they have lived. If you want to know how to form healthy habits for your heart, then please spend time with these ladies. Your life will be touched." Sonja Ritter, retreat participant

"Shirley's recitation of Philippians was the biggest hit of our retreat weekend, even though it was all good, every bit of it! The women are all reading their Bibles differently now. Shirley's rendering of Philippians has brought the pages to life. Several of the women have told me that the pages are alive in a way they never thought of because of the way Shirley presented Paul's words. It just changed their whole perspective and humanized it. We are grateful to Shirley for walking and learning, and memorizing, and breathing new life into the living Word of God for the women of Gateway." Linda McCoster, reteat organizer for Gateway Community Church, Media, Pennsylvania


Retreat talks are designed for four sessions of about one hour in length, and most sessions include small group time. However, the number of sessions, times and even topics can be adjusted to meet the needs of any event schedule.

What Every Girl Needs: Refuge, Redemption, Restoration and a Few Good Recipes Our brand new retreat with some fun facts and tasty tips about food. Session include: Meet the Family, Finding Refuge From Life's Hurts, Be Blessed by Redemption and Experience Wholeness Through Restoration.

If Our Closets Could Talk - A retreat that asks us to look in our life closets and decide: What's in There? What Doesn't Fit? What Should We Give Away? What Should We Keep?

At Any Age, At Any Stage - Celebrating the Christian Life - A retreat that will help women accept each stage of life by avoiding the pitfalls and finding fulfillment. Sessions include looking at life through the characters of Dora the Explorer, Wonder Woman and Hyacinth Bucket of Keeping Up Appearances

Just Say Yes--To God - A retreat to encourage women to achieve their full potential in Christ. Sessions include: Look In (Are there issues that keep you from moving on?), Look Up (Have you developed an ongoing relationship with Christ?), Look Out (Have you identified your talents, gifts and passion to touch the world?).

Mary: Ordinary or Extraordinary - A a one-hour Christmas presentation incorporating drama, testimony and song to tell women God loves them and has a purpose for their lives.

That Face in the Mirror: Who Do You See? - A one-hour Mother's Day presentation that focuses on women influencing women.

Tea With Mary and Martha - A one-hour presentation that includes skits, song and a presentation of scripture from memory.