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References and Qs and As about Sisterhood of Faith


Sisterhood Of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories About Women Who Made a Difference

Why did you write Sisterhood?

I wanted to let women know that opportunities for ministry are limitless. In Sisterhood, people may discover opportunities they never thought of. I wanted to encourage women, and men too, who have grown weary in ministry. And I wanted to spotlight women who have remained hidden behind their husbands.

How long did it take to write Sisterhood?

It took 20 months to write and about three months to edit.

How did you find information on the women?

I read print materials: Library books for starters, then magazine articles. I also interviewed by phone or e-mail 50 women.

How did you choose who to include?

In the book of John we read of Mary who poured an expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. I was looking for women who poured out their lives for Christ.

Who are some of the women who impressed you and why?

Gladys Aylward – At age 26 her application to China Inland Mission was rejected. She didn’t do well on their exam and they considered her too old. So she set out on her own. She joined an elderly missionary there, and they opened an inn. Gladys wouldn’t take no for an answer once she felt God had called her.

Mary Fisher, a Quaker woman who was stripped to the waist and whipped in England and imprisoned in America. She felt called to carry the gospel to the Sultan of Turkey and walked 500 miles—alone—to do that.

Vibia Perpetua and her maidservant were thrown into an arena with mad cows. Finally a gladiator entered to finish the job and Vibia guided his sword to her throat.

Who will be interested in reading Sisterhood?

Certainly anyone involved in professional and volunteer ministry. And also those who may be looking for a ministry. It will give them scads of ideas. And any Christian woman who wants to know more about her heritage should read it.

What surprised you about the publishing process?

The intensity of the editing process. I had thought that after I wrote the book I was finished. Not so!

What advice would you give someone wanting to publish a book?

Learn all you can, wherever you can. Go to writer’s conferences. Take local classes. Pray. And grab every opportunity to write!

(You'll find the answers in Sisterhood or look below)

1. Who is the only woman besides Barbara Bush to both marry and give birth to presidents of the United States?

2. Who led more than 300 slaves to freedom?

3. Who got caught in a Hershey PA parade, so she just opened her sunroof and waved to spectators?

4. Who inspired famed artist Michelangelo?

5. Who was the first female preacher in the U. S.?

6. Who walked 500 miles to carry the gospel to the sultan of Turkey?

7. What gospel singer met her husband when she dropped a pencil in a high school hallway?

8. Who founded the Barefoot Carmelites?

9. Who ignited the Christian fiction market when she wrote Love Comes Softly?

10. Who stood for Civil Rights by sitting on a bus?

Read Sisterhood of Faith to find out (or just check answers below).

1. Abigail Adams
2. Harriet Tubman
3. Laurette Connelly
4. Vittoria Colonna
5. Lou Agnes White Diffee
6. Mary Fisher
7. Gloria Gaither
8. Teresa of Avila
9. Janette Oke
10. Rosa Parks

What People are Saying:

From Ellen Feld as reviewed for Feathered Quill:

A review of Sisterhood of Faith would not be complete without mention of the beautiful job the publisher did with the layout. From the lovely pink ribbon bookmark to the small thumbnail pictures at the bottom of every other page (pages within the same month share the same picture for easier navigation within that month), this is a lovely book. There is also an extensive bibliography included to aid readers in researching those women they found most interesting. The care that was taken when this book was put together will add to a reader’s enjoyment. One small suggestion would be to change and enlarge the font used for the names at the top of each page – they’re a bit difficult to read, particularly for the over 40 crowd.

Quill says: A wonderful book that will challenge you to do more with your life.

From Brenda Nixon (reviewer on Amazon.com):
At first glance, I thought this was just another devotional book written by the women on the cover. It surprised me that it is not a devo but a collection of inspirational short stories, written by the author, about women who have made—some who are making—a difference in the world. Then discovered the alphabetical order of names, making it an easy reference to locate a woman and read about her. The enormous variety of women was a surprise; one funded a seminary, “Biddy” Chambers published her husband’s sermons, one was a martyr for Christ, some were preachers, monarchs, reformers, stay-at-home moms who founded companies, others today are singers, songwriters, and evangelists, and one is our First Lady. What a surprise to discover the scores of websites and resources listed in the back. I’m pleasantly surprised with the easy-to-read format and challenging “My Response” question at the end of each short story. As a professional speaker and writer on child behavior, I recognize many of my colleagues. This book is well-written and enlightening. It’s definitely a delight and a keeper!